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Yanik Kumar ​

The man who is the soul of Believe Master and who makes everything easy for all creators out there. Believe Master’s slogan itself defines who he is. Creative, Innovative. Inspiring & Serving to others. He & his work never stops.

creative team

praveen kanwar

With lots of creativity and ideas in mind, he  manages every piece of art on the website and looking back and forwards getting the best with creators. Apart from that, he is also known as the stage magician.

Production Artist

Meemansak Bharti

Popularly known as meeemansak tech. The first member to join believemaster back in 2014. He is not into magic but his skills to capture everything on a camera are amazing. You can call him as a geeky guy.

customer service

Kartik Burman

Person who handles relations with the customers and our team. Helping out and finding solution to your problem. He is the one who is behind your emails. He use to play guitar in his free time and entertain himself.

Marketing Specialist

Jatin Kr. Bhawani

The guy who loves to express himself. He put his hard efforts to upscale the creator’s work and spread it to the real world with all his marketing tactics and skills. Apart from this, he is a rider who is always ready long road trips

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It's You

We are nothing without your support, efforts, and work. More than our internal team we appreciate our creators and artists who are helping to grow this community. We are thankful to all who standing right by our side.

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