All confusing questions about Believe Master

Believe Master is a all new magic platform for new budding magicians who wants to learn magic tricks with ease. In this digital world we are the place serving people online content. Add on to that you’re free to publish your own content online here on believe master and have profit of your own.

First of all we don’t sell the trick we teach the trick and moreover, the creators teach the trick with all their efforts. Doesn’t matter which type of magic category it is, everything is open to share. You are always free to share ideas and become partner with us.

Is that a question? Well of course cardistry is also a creative magic with cards with all sweet moves. Yes, it is allowed. Share your own creative cardistry with us too.

Always welcome. Feel free to join the community of magicians anytime. Just request for becoming a teacher on the platform and start teaching and earning. 

We usually check through the submissions and the creations when uploaded. But your content makes your audience so we recommend to publish your own genuine content because your copied content will get less rating by users ultimately leading to your content to sell less or maybe reject out of the courses list.

Well it’s not a big issue, you can contact us and we will add it into our shop list so that magicians can purchase anytime. Make sure to not to add on the price of the gimmick in the course rate. 

Well in most of the times “YES” but full on research and development is needed along with the detailed idea behind the effect. We will produce your content whenever you feel like based on the conditions.

We recommend you to become a teacher and try to show your creativity own but if somehow you can’t do that just use the contact form with the subject “Idea For Believe Master” along with all the detailed history of the effects along with explanation. We will review and produce your idea and publish it via Believe Master official account giving you full credit.

Initially we are giving away 70% of the total sales commission made by the creator, that means if you make ₹100 from that ₹70 is in your pocket and the rest ₹30 we take our commission so that we keep our servers running and serve you the best way possible.

Believe Master is growing now as a community and named after founder of Believe Master. But anyone can be Believe Master, just join us and be creative by creating a genuine content helping people and you will be called as #believemaster

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