started in 2014

It all started in 2014 as a youtube channel by creating and showcasing normal visual magic. As researching deeply upon other magic industry that provides magic training facility we came up to become the new place of magic world in India.

There are many different places to learn magic in this era of the digital world. We would like to stand out differently from the crowd as helping other magic and illusion creators to showcase their creativity and sell it online to the real world. We help the creators to be independent of their work. We want to give users who are willing to learn magic a better experience and comfortability while learning magic tricks from the trainer. People who want to learn the skills and sleights can learn easily anywhere in the world just on their smart-phone as we are the online medium of sharing content. We offer creators to join over the globe and showcase their creativity on this platform.

We believe that anyone who is having the potential to create something good should be provided with the place to share their work without any hassle. We look forward to growing this community of creators in India and the rest of the world.

Create Innovate Inspire And Serve

Believe Master


Make a new online place of learning magic for creative people who want to do crazy stuff on social media and in real life.


Making a new way of learning magic and making a place for creators to easily share their own creativity.


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